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As Medel Medicine Human Resources, we work with the mission of improving the resources we have created by creating our human resources with the perspective of 'the right person for the right job' by incorporating Modern Human Resources Systems in practice and becoming a company preferred by the qualified and competent workforce.
We are aware that our most important capital is our employees. For this reason, we strive to develop our human resources, prepare them for career goals, and as a result, provide the greatest support to the achievement of our company goals as HR through our successful employees.
Our sole aim is to improve the development opportunities provided to our employees in order to strengthen their sense of belonging, and to improve wages and career opportunities that take performance and competence into account, in parallel with the company's opportunities.

  • Within the framework of our “Everything for People” approach;
  • We respect the human dignity of our colleagues, trust them, appreciate them and share their success.
  • We attach importance to the confidentiality of their personal information.
  • We appreciate our high-performing employees and reward them to the extent possible.
  • For a sustainable future; We fulfill all our responsibilities, especially the health and safety of our human resources.

In accordance with our Human Resources Policy;

  • Open to change, development and innovation,
  • Willing to learn and constantly striving for self-improvement,
  • Customer-oriented, responsible towards society and attaching importance to ethical values,
  • Able to reflect individual performance on company performance by acting with Team Spirit and "We Consciousness",
  • We intend to create an employee profile that has enhanced company loyalty and uses resources and time correctly.

We; As Medel Medical Employees, we are and will continue to be at the service of the entire medical community with quality, trust and a dynamic working system in line with our goals.

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